Gothic Lolita Wigs Review (Positive)


Gothic Lolita Wigs was having a special: Any purchase over 39$ receives a free bob wig! They said they couldn't guarantee you getting the bob of your choice, but I got the one I asked for :) Priority shipping was free, so all I payed was a flat 39$.
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October outfit plans & ideas

My favorite month is coming!~October :D I probably won't do much, but I have multiple outfit plans/ideas regardless.

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~~~~Of course most of these costumes rely on me keeping my hair blonde, a debate I have with myself every month when I put my hair and wallet through hell to keep this look. I LOVE my hair blonde, almost as much as I loved it purple but it's so damaging, won't grow because I have to keep cutting out damage, and I am struggling way too much with money to keep spending 70+ a month on my HAIR -_- But I'll probably post another entry about that later...I'm so not ready to be a brunette again.